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ISEE working on IGEPv5 board with OMAP5

Our partner ISEE is famous for their IGEPv2 board that we use in our embedded Linux course. This board is both powerful (running at 1 GHz) and featureful (on-board WiFi and Bluetooth, many connectors and expansion capabilities). The good news … Continue reading

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Linux on TI OMAP processors

This presentation aims at giving embedded system developers everything they need to start running Linux on TI OMAP processors. Caution: the below document is not actively maintained any more. Therefore, it is likely to contain obsolete parts. This document was … Continue reading

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Linux 3.16 released, Free Electrons 7th contributing company

Linus Torvalds has released the 3.16 kernel a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the KernelNewbies LinuxChanges page has not been updated, but summaries of the merge window (part 1, part 2 and final part) give a good summary of the … Continue reading

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Linux 3.15 released, an overview of Free Electrons contributions

The 3.15 of the Linux kernel was released just a few days ago by Linus Torvalds. As explained by, the headline features in 3.15 include some significant memory management improvements, the renameat2() system call, file-private POSIX locks, a new … Continue reading

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Linux 3.14 released, Free Electrons contributions inside!

Linus Torvalds has just released the 3.14 version of the Linux kernel. As usual, it incorporates a large number of changes, for which a good summary is available on the KernelNewbies site. This time around, Free Electrons is the 19th … Continue reading

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Antoine Ténart

Antoine started his professional experience with Embedded Linux and Android in 2011. Before joining Free Electrons in 2014, he started with low level Android system development at Archos (France), and worked on Embedded Linux and Android projects at Adeneo Embedded … Continue reading

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Free Electrons contributions to Linux 3.13

Version 3.13 of the Linux kernel was released by Linus Torvalds on January, 19th 2014. The site has an excellent page that covers the most important improvements and feature additions that this new kernel release brings. As usual Free … Continue reading

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Updated version of our kernel driver development course: Device Tree, BeagleBone Black, Wii Nunchuk, and more!

In the last few years, the practical labs of our Embedded Linux kernel and driver development training were based on the ARMv5 Calao USB-A9263 platform, and covering the ARM kernel support as it was a few years ago. While we … Continue reading

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Linux 3.12 released, Free Electrons 14th contributor by number of commits

The 3.12 kernel has just been released by Linus Torvalds, who summarized what he considers to be the major improvements offered by this release: improvements to the dynamic tick code, support infrastructure for DRM render nodes, TSO sizing and the … Continue reading

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Buildroot 2013.08 released, new features and contributions from Free Electrons

The 2013.08 release of Buildroot has been published a few days ago by Peter Korsgaard, the project maintainer. As usual, this release contains a number of improvements and new features that are summarized in Peter’s release e-mail, and also visible … Continue reading

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