LXR websites

Internet websites running the Linux Cross Reference engine. Great for browsing the kernel sources!

LXR (Linux Cross Reference) is a great source indexing tool, particularly useful for big projects like the Linux kernel.

Here are Internet sites that make it easy to explore the Linux sources thanks to the LXR engine:

  • lxr.free-electrons.com
    At last, an up to date LXR site with an easy to remember URL!
  • LXR
    The original site, updated very frequently too, and running a newer version of the engine
  • Coywolf
    Also indexing recent -rc versions of Linux!
  • Missing Link Electronics
    Also supporting U-boot, BusyBox and QEMU

Please let us know if you know about other LXR sites!

You can also browse Linus Torvalds’ GIT tree.

For browsing documentation included in the kernel sources, you may prefer our kernel documentation pages, in which DocBook files have been converted to HTML.