Guidelines for translators

Useful resources for contributors translating the training materials and articles

Thank you very much helping with the translation of our training materials and articles! You contribute to making them available to a larger number of people.

Here are a few resources to help you with this work.

Master document updates

Master documents in OpenOffice formats (.odp for presentations, .odt for exercises) are updated and improved on a regular basis. There is no automated way so far to highlight sections that have changed, and keeping a detailed ChangeLog was way too tedious and unusable by translators anyway. It is therefore recommended to update your translations only once or twice a year.

Translator checklist

Please, make sure that:

  • You translate the title of each slide (for presentations) and the document title (in document properties). They show up in the HTML export. When this is done, make sure you update the internal hyperlinks in the contents section. You can check that all links are all right with the cOOol tool.
  • You set the document language in Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages, and run the spelling checker.
  • You mention the name(s) of the translator(s) in the front page.

Licensing constraints

See the full text of the Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 2.0 license for details about how to comply with this license.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions on licensing requirements.

Translation teams

All translators are invited to join the free-electrons mailing list. Archives are available. In particular, this is a good way to get notifications of changes in the master document.

Chinese (Traditional)
Chen Lung Chuan (Laurent): laurentchen – at – yahoo – dot – com
Julien Boibessot: julien – dot – boibessot – at – free – dot – fr
Fabien Deleu: isamu59126 – at – wanadoo – dot – fr
Vanessa Conchodon:
Michael Opdenacker: michael – at – free-electrons – dot – com
Hermann J. Beckers: hjb-news – at – onlinehome – dot – de
Muhammad Panji: sumodirjo – at – gmail – dot – com
Azmi Abdulkarim Hayaze: hayaza – at – gmail – dot – com
Giansalvo Gusinu: giansalvo – at – gusinu – dot – net
Gianluca Moro:,
Przemysław Ciesielski: pck – at – misstcp – dot – net
Portuguese (Brazil)
Marcelo Barros de Almeida: marcelobarrosalmeida – at – yahoo – dot – com – dot – br
Klayson Sesana Bonatto: klaysonbonatto – at – yahoo – dot – com – dot – br
Brivaldo Alves da Silva Jr: condector – at – gmail – dot – com
Emiliano Lopez: emiliano – dot – lopez – at – gmail – dot – com
Ibraim Yesid Hernandez: iyhernandezo – at – gmail – dot – com
Muhammet Mustafa Kaya: mmkaya – at – – dot – com

Thank you again for your contributions!