Embedded Linux, kernel and Android training contractors

To satisfy increasing demand for its embedded Linux, kernel and Android training courses, Free Electrons is looking for engineers with extensive on-the-job experience on one or several of these topics.


We already have our own engineers, but we limit the number of training sessions that they teach every year, to dedicate most of their time to engineering projects. Our customers appreciate that they have extensive on-the-job experience.

Therefore, we are looking for embedded Linux, kernel and Android engineers with a similar profile:

  • Extensive on-the-job experience on Embedded Linux system development, Linux kernel and driver development or Android system development.
  • Familiarity with most of the topics covered in our training materials. You will find them by following the above links (all our training materials are freely available on-line).
  • Sharing our passion for sharing knowledge and for Free Software. Having visible contributions to community projects is an advantage, but isn’t mandatory.
  • Can be self-employed engineers doing development projects most of the time, and with some availability one in a while for training sessions
  • Can also be full time engineers whose employer accepts that they take a few weeks off per year for training sessions. We already work with one person who has this kind of agreement with his employer, a big semiconductor company.
  • Ready to teach our courses at least 2 courses per year and travel to international locations.
  • Very good spoken English. Fluency in other languages is welcome, to reach customers who prefer courses in their own language (though the written materials remain in English).
  • Technical documentation contributions and public presentations are also welcome.

Practical details

If we decide to work together:

  • We first invite you to one of our public sessions. You are already familiar with the technical topic, but this way, you also get familiar with our materials and the way we present them to an audience. We also invite you to complement the trainer’s explanations and present one or two parts of the lectures (typically from 1 to 2 hours). In addition to spending the week with us, this allows us to know you well enough to answer customer questions about your skills and experience.
  • We then add you to our staff page and give you a Free Electrons e-mail address to interact with customers.
  • When a new training customer request comes, we ask you for your availability. This usually happens from 1 to 3 months before the session, and this should leave you enough time to organize your time.
  • We take care of printing the materials and sending all the hardware to you or to the customer, whatever is more convenient.
  • We pay 800 EUR per training day, plus of course your traveling and accommodation expenses. Your bill is paid a soon as we receive it, and we don’t wait for the customer to pay us first.

Note that Free Electrons will not be able to commit to a minimum number of training sessions per year. We need extra trainers when our own full-time engineers have no availability left. Therefore, the amount of activity we will give you will depend on the number of customer requests that we get.

Advantages of working with Free Electrons

Here our some advantages of working with us:

  • All our training materials have LaTeX sources released under a Creative Commons BY-SA license on our public git tree.
  • The LaTeX source format and the git tree makes it easy to find the differences between the latest version of the materials, and the version that you used in your previous session. We even have a mailing list to get notifications for each change in the materials. This allows you to ask questions to us before the course if needed.
  • The git tree and LaTeX format also make it easy for you to send us your corrections and improvements for future sessions.
  • The Creative Commons BY-SA license also allows you to teach your own training sessions with our materials, possibly with your improvements. Even some of our competitors do this, and as long as the license is respected, this is perfectly fine. The end goal is to spread knowledge about embedded Linux.
  • During the sessions, you can get support on our internal IRC channel.
  • As a Free Electrons trainer, we also invite you to write technical articles on our technical blog. Our blog is well know in the technical community, and this can help you to develop your own technical reputation.
  • We take care of all practical and administrative details: finding customers, preparing hardware, printing materials, invoicing and getting paid by the customer. You only have to organize your trip and accommodation.
  • You get paid immediately after each training session. Unlike other companies, we pay you before the customer pays us.
  • If you are a full-time employee, teaching a few sessions for us per year can constitute a welcome complement to your income. At least in France, individuals can have an extra activity with the “Auto-entrepreneur” status, with a very low tax rate.

How to apply

Write to our jobs e-mail address, and let us know about your qualifications and motivations to become a trainer for Free Electrons. If you made contributions to the Free Software community (source code but also technical presentations and documentation), please highlight them.