Maxime Ripard

Maxime Ripard
Maxime Ripard is an embedded Linux engineer at Free Electrons, which he joined in March 2011. In the past, Maxime has worked at France Telecom on embedded Linux systems, and at Archos on Android-based tablets.

Android experience

Maxime started at Archos by developing Android software of their Android based tablets. This made him familiar with Android’s Java stacks and layers for application development.

When he joined Free Electrons in March 2011, Maxime started developing an Android system development course, focusing on the low-level aspects of Android system development:

  • Compiled and made Android work on various OMAP3 boards, experimenting with stock Android from Google, TI’s Rowboat project, and Linaro’s Android build system and releases, to find the best hardware / software combination for practical labs.
  • Implemented practical labs, teaching how to compile Android, how to port Android to new boards and customize it to meet product needs, and how to control custom hardware from Android applications.
  • Attended all the editions of the Android Builders Summit, making him aware of all prominent developments, experiments and discussions around Android.
  • Read books and lots of documentation about Android, and created hundreds of training slides to consolidate his practical and theoretical experience.

Thanks to all the technical challenges he had to address, to all the issues he had to solve and to his participation to the Android developer community, Maxime is in a good position to answer your questions about Android, and to guide you to the various resources that Android community offers to system developers.

Linux kernel experience

Through customer projects and through individual contributions, Maxime has made many contributions to the mainline Linux kernel, especially on the ARM platform. Maxime is now the official maintainer of the Allwinner A1X SoC ARM subarchitecture (arch/arm/mach-sunxi/).

Here are a few public projects he worked on:

  • Development of the Atmel AT91 ADC driver inside the Linux kernel IIO subsystem, and merging the code into the official kernel sources. See a presentation he made on this topic.
  • Linux kernel code development and toolchain work on a new i.MX28 computer-on-module from Crystalfontz, adding support for this system to the mainline Linux kernel. See the project page on Kickstarter!

Embedded Linux experience

Maxime also takes care of embedded Linux projects at Free Electrons. Here are a few examples of projects he worked on:

  • Boot time optimization on a MIPS-based platform for a payment terminal
  • System integration using Buildroot. Maxime also has contributed multiple patches to Buildroot, and participated to the last editions to the Buildroot developer day.
  • Building a custom Ubuntu distribution for ARM platforms, including OpenCV and support for Video4Linux capture devices

Maxime is also very familiar with system administration on GNU/Linux, and with Ethernet, WIFI and xDSL, thanks to his prior experience.

Last but not least, Maxime is an enthusiastic member of the whole Free and Open Source Software user and developer community. He is always ready to share tips and resources with people interested in using GNU/Linux and Free Software applications.

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