Robert Berger

Robert Berger

Robert is an embedded Linux training contractor for Free Electrons.

Robert Berger is an experienced embedded software engineer since 1992. He has both embedded software development and training experience, on topics such as embedded Linux, Free RTOS and device drivers for the Linux kernel.

Embedded Linux experience

Robert has worked on embedded Linux since the late 1990s. In particular, he has worked on Digital TV projects, on many set-top-box chipsets (IBM, Sigma Designs, Broadcom, TI, ST), dealing with multiple CPU architectures (mips, arm, ppc, sh, x86). He has also developed video recorder and DVD player systems.

Robert has also developed real-time software for industrial control, and more recently, has developed his experience with the Yocto Project build system.

Training and knowledge sharing experience

In addition to teaching embedded software training sessions for worldwide customers, Robert also has a good track record sharing what he learns by speaking at international conferences and writing technical articles in magazines.

Robert will impress you with the countless technical details and anecdotes he can share about embedded Linux and the latest developments happening in the developer community! The lectures he gives are always full of energy.

Robert has his own consultancy company: ReliableEmbeddedSystems.

Robert is Austrian, currently living in Greece, and speaks fluent English and of course, German.