Reasons for choosing our development services

Community members

We are active members of the community developing the Linux kernel, U-boot, Buildroot, BusyBox… We know this community very well: its people, its rules, its best practices and its best resources. This helps us to make the right decisions (if needed, collecting advice from the right people), and quickly obtain the expected results.

Technical know-how

We already have significant experience in developing for the Linux kernel and embedded Linux systems.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics we have worked on so far:

Power management
Implementation of power management features in the mainline Linux kernel, on TI OMAP processors.
Implemented automatic suspend/resume on a Blackfin system running uClinux, switching off the CPU when the system is idle.
Implemented hibernate to flash on a MIPS processor
Kernel and driver development
See the above projects on power management
Implemented LZO kernel and initramfs compression, reducing kernel boot time.
Mainlining kernel and bootloader support for CALAO Systems ARM boards
Reduce the size of the Linux kernel (Linux-Tiny project)
1st Linux boot on the HP iPAQ h2210 PDA (ARM). Kernel initialization, device drivers and system integration on several HP PDAs.
Boot time reduction
Reducing boot time in an AT91 embedded Linux system. Skipping U-boot and directly booting Linux from AT91 bootstrap code.
Boot time reduction on a embedded, Java based x86 platform (AMD Geode LX800).
Root filesystem development
Optimizing Ubuntu for ARM on TI OMAP4 processors. Building packages and root filesystems. Performance benchmarks. Writing documentation.
Key contributions to the Buildroot project and maintaining the project.
See the above project implementing automatic suspend / resume on Blackfin.
Made uClinux boot from flash on customer hardware and reduced boot time.
Flash filesystem benchmarks
Graphical demo development on ATMEL development boards

Our staff also has valuable knowledge and experience from past jobs, plus a lot of knowledge acquired for the needs of our Linux kernel and device driver development and Embedded Linux system development training sessions. To keep these sessions up to date, and give the most appropriate answers to demanding customers, we have to spend a lot of time following community projects, evaluating new solutions, and getting some practice with these resources. See our trainers page for details.


We are located near big airports (Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, France) with quick connections to many places in Europe, at affordable prices. We can easily travel and meet you at your place, and actually we already do this quite often.

For more distant customer sites, working together is still manageable. Our working hours are flexible (our staff works from home offices) and we can easily adapt them to make it easier to interact with remote timezones.


We believe that our costs are very competitive for our level of expertise. Thanks to our deep experience, we can complete some tasks in a few days when ordinary consultants would take weeks. Let us know about your projects and ask us for a quote to see by yourself.

Quality and added value

In addition to testing our developments with extensive testsuites, we are also part of the community that ports and maintains Linux on embedded hardware. We are familiar with the community’s best practices that allow to produce high quality, high performance and easy to maintain code.

We can also support your staff and your customers in using your new products, by offering technical follow-up, support, and training.

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