Buildroot commercial support

What is Buildroot ?

Buildroot is an embedded Linux build system: it completely automates the process of building an embedded Linux system, from cross-compiling to integrating the root filesystem, including the Linux kernel and the bootloader images. With more than 600 userspace packages, Buildroot makes it easy to have a reproducible mechanism to build your embedded Linux system, and supports complex software stacks such as, Gtk, Qt, Gstreamer, WebKit, many networking applications and a long list of important Linux utilities and libraries widely used on embedded systems. Buildroot builds everything from source, so that you have full control over what your system contains, how it’s built, and you can modify or improve any component in the system.

Buildroot diagram

Buildroot is much easier to use than many other embedded Linux build systems, and is a perfect match for small to medium size embedded systems (in terms of the number of software components involved), such as the ones found in many industrial applications. Buildroot supports x86, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, SH4, Blackfin, Sparc and can easily be extended to support other architectures and additional software packages. Started in 2003, Buildroot has an active open-source community, which continuously improves the application and delivers regular stable releases, making it a perfect solution for your future products.

Free Electrons experience with Buildroot

Free Electrons has used Buildroot in many of its customer projects, in order to give our customers a simple and efficient way to completely automate the build process of their embedded Linux systems.

Moreover, Thomas Petazzoni, engineer at Free Electrons since 2008, is the second most active contributor to Buildroot since 2008, right after Buildroot’s project maintainer. He has contributed more than 800 patches, many of them are significant changes to the Buildroot core infrastructure (better infrastructures for userspace packages, Linux kernel compiling, bootloader support, root filesystem support, support for new hardware platforms, etc.). Thomas is also deeply involved in the Buildroot community, as the organizer of the Buildroot Developer Days, the regular meeting of the Buildroot developers. He is also the main author of the Buildroot documentation.

With this experience and deep knowledge of Buildroot, we offer our customers the best available commercial Buildroot support and are able to make sure that most of the changes made to Buildroot are integrated into the official version, so that our customers are not locked into using a specific Buildroot version.

Free Electrons commercial support on Buildroot

We can offer any type of Buildroot development, improvement, consulting and support, especially for:

  • System manufacturers: we can make the appropriate modifications to Buildroot so that it can generate a system that perfectly matches the requirements of your system (addition of new open-source software packages or in-house software packages, definition of a configuration that matches the system needs, modifications to the Buildroot infrastructure, etc.) and then transfer knowledge to your engineers so that they can use Buildroot to develop the system applications.
  • Hardware manufacturers: we can make sure Buildroot supports your hardware platform in its official version, and provide support to your customers using Buildroot to develop applications on top of your hardware platform. This way, you don’t have to worry about supporting a specific embedded Linux development kit, and your customers can take advantage of an easy-to-use embedded Linux build system, with good support.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.