Embedded Linux consulting services

Free Electrons consulting services

A great number of tools and technologies are available to develop embedded systems based on GNU / Linux and Free Software.

However, you will often find several tools addressing similar needs. Like in a real ecosystem, lots of new tools appear, adapt to environment changes, and exchange ideas and code with others. Tools which fail to adapt or retain interest slowly disappear.

It can take a very significant amount of research and experiments to find out which tools and technologies best meet your current needs. You also need to check how active tool development and support is, what technologies are used, to evaluate how likely each tool is likely to adapt to future requirements. Of course, you are free to maintain Free Software tools by yourselves, but you’d better keep your investments low and leverage community work.

At Free Electrons, we can help you in making these decisions, and stay focussed on what you do best:

  • We spend a significant part of our time digesting Free Software news channels and reading product reviews.
  • We have our own developer experience. We participate to several embedded Linux projects. This is the best way to stay familiar with the capabilities and limitations of tools.
  • We also have the experience of many other developers. By participating to the project mailing lists, we know the issues developers face and how they are eventually addressed.

So, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need help answering questions like:

  • My product needs a lightweight web brower, an e-mail client and a multimedia player. What are my options?
  • Here are the software features of my system. How could I improve them, without changing hardware features?
  • Here’s how we have been working for 2 years. Are there new tools and resources that could make our job more productive? Are the workarounds we implemented still needed?
  • We need a bug tracking system and software test automation. What are my options?
  • We found a few issues in a given free software application. How to make sure they are fixed before we ship our product?
  • What do I need to do to comply with Free Software licensing requirements? Do I really have to release the hacks I implemented in development tools?
  • I need to release firmware updates to my customers. How could I do this?

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