Kernel, real-time and embedded Linux training

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Embedded Linux training
This course is specifically designed for engineers starting with embedded Linux. In five days, it introduces engineers to the major components of an embedded Linux system, how such a system is built, how open-source components can be leveraged to reduce development time and how your application can be developed and debugged on an embedded Linux system. After this training, engineers are ready to start an embedded Linux project.
Linux kernel and driver development training
This course is designed for engineers who need to acquire Linux kernel and driver development experience. You will need these skills if the Linux kernel isn’t available yet on your hardware, or if you need to develop device drivers, either for PC or embedded hardware. In five days, engineers are ready to develop new kernel device drivers and to start porting the Linux kernel on a new platform.
Android system development training
This course targets engineers who need to develop embedded systems with Google Android. In four days, through theory and practical labs, the course makes you familiar with compiling and booting Android, with adapting Android to support a new embedded board (assuming that it is already supported by the Linux kernel), and with building a real system through accessing specific hardware, customizing the filesystem and using debugging techniques.

All our sessions are made of theory and practice, on real hardware that we provide. The agendas are built to provide the best overview of the topics, and are designed to introduce the concepts in a progressive way. If needed, our agendas can be adapted according to your specific needs, but we recommend to preserve their global architecture for the best training experience.

Training locations

We are available to organize a training at your location. We have already organized countless sessions in different countries (see our map for details).

We organize public training sessions, in the French Riviera, and in Toulouse (France).

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