Training cost and registration

Training cost options and registration information, for groups or individuals

Group registration

When a single organization pays for the training session, and provides the training facilities (room, projector, computers). We send a trainer to your location.

Our costs are the same whatever the number of people to train. 16 people maximum per group (maximum 8 workstations). No minimum number of participants.

Base cost

5-day course
Embedded Linux
Linux Kernel
4-day course
3-day course
Europe 8,950 € 7,950 € 6,950 €
North America 9,950 € 8,950 € 7,950 €
Other areas 9,950 € 8,950 € 7,950 €

Trainer traveling expenses

In addition to the above base costs.

  • None in cities where we have a trainer (we will let you know when this applies)
  • We do our best to reduce traveling expenses by sending trainers from your geographical area, whenever possible. However, we could also propose trainers from more distant areas, if they are available much earlier than the ones that live closer.

We will let you know what such costs are in the quote that we will send you.


To ask for a quote and register a group, please contact and tell us:

  • Your location
  • The courses you are interested in
  • Your preferred dates
  • The number of people to train
  • Any questions that you may have

Individual registration

In public sessions, the training facilities and all the equipment are supplied by Free Electrons. Participants can come from multiple companies.

See the description of each of our public training sessions for registration fees. The cost depends on the number of days and on the local hotel costs. It includes the embedded board that is used during the course, and that each participant keeps at the end of the session.

Number of participants
Training sessions can start with a minimum of 5 people. The maximum number is 10.

See our list of upcoming public sessions. If none is planned in your area, please contact . If we have several requests in the same period for the same area, we will plan a new session there.

If the emergency of training needs matters more than the costs, you may also consider group registration, which requires no minimum participant count. You can then choose the date and location, according to the availability of our trainers.


To pre-register one or several individuals, please contact and tell us the dates and location of the session you are interested in. We will let you know whether seats are still available, and will send you a registration form.