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Maxime Ripard is an embedded Linux engineer at Free Electrons, which he joined in March 2011. In the past, Maxime has worked at France Telecom on embedded Linux systems, and at Archos on Android-based tablets. At Free Electrons, Maxime is in charge of Android projects and training, and also handles various embedded Linux and kernel projects. More details…

Mali OpenGL support on Allwinner platforms with mainline Linux

As most people know, getting GPU-based 3D acceleration to work on ARM platforms has always been difficult, due to the closed nature of the support for such GPUs. Most vendors provide closed-source binary-only OpenGL implementations in the form of binary … Continue reading

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Support for Device Tree overlays in U-Boot and libfdt

We have been working for almost two years now on the C.H.I.P platform from Nextthing Co.. One of the characteristics of this platform is that it provides an expansion headers, which allows to connect expansion boards also called DIPs in … Continue reading

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Free Electrons at the Developer Conference 2016

The Foundation hosts every year around september the Developer Conference, which, unlike its name states, is not limited to developers, but gathers all the Linux graphics stack developers, including, Mesa, wayland, and other graphics stacks like … Continue reading

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DMAEngine Documentation: Work (finally) in Progress

While developping a DMA controller driver for the Allwinner A31 SoCs (that eventually got merged in the 3.17 kernel), I’ve realised how under-documented the DMAEngine kernel subsystem was, especially for a newcomer like I was. After discussing this with a … Continue reading

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Videos from Embedded Linux Conference 2014

As the summer is coming to an end, we finally managed to publish the videos we recorded during the last Embedded Linux Conference, held earlier this year in San Jose, California. This year, the Linux Foundation was only recording the … Continue reading

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FIQ Handlers in the ARM Linux Kernel

Part of the work on the CFA-10036 and its breakout boards was to write a driver that was using the FIQ mechanism provided by the ARM architecture to bitbang GPIOs on the first GPIO bank of the iMX28 port controller. … Continue reading

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Free Electrons customer project on Kickstarter!

For about 6 months, we’ve been working with Crystalfontz America on an imx28-based board, targeted at the hackers and DIYers. We’ve been working on the BSP, adding support to Linux and in Buildroot for this board. Support in the mainline … Continue reading

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Android gdbclient command

Before you even start building Android, Google’s instructions tell you to source the build/ shell script. This script exports a number of environment variables (that’s why you have to source it), mostly setting the PATH to your different toolchains and … Continue reading

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