CALAO boards supported in mainline U-Boot

CALAO SystemsI’m happy to announce that a couple days ago, support for the CALAO SBC35-A9G20, TNY-A9260 and TNY-A9G20 boards made its way into the U-Boot git repository. Sadly, it’s not possible to boot from an MMC/SD card with the SBC35 yet, but it’s something I’m currently working on.

Support for all these cards will be available in the next U-Boot release, due in November.

About Albin Tonnerre

Albin Tonnerre was an intern at Free Electrons. He impressed us by his technical skills and by what he managed to implement in 3 months: LZO kernel and initramfs decompression, supporting new AT91 boards in Linux and in U-boot, power management and boot time reduction.

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