Embedded Linux Conference 2014, Free Electrons participation

San JoséOne of the most important conference of the Embedded Linux community will take place at the end of this month in California: the Embedded Linux Conference will be held in San Jose from April, 29th to May, 1st, co-located with the Android Builders Summit. The schedule for both of these events has been published, and it is full of interesting talks on a wide range of embedded topics.

As usual, Free Electrons will participate to this conference, but this participation will be the most important ever:

If you are interested in embedded Linux, we highly advise you to attend this conference. And if you are interested in business or recruiting opportunities with Free Electrons, it will also be the perfect time to meet us!

About Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Free Electrons. He is a lead developer of Buildroot and also a contributor to the Linux kernel. More details...
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  1. The materials for our seven talks are now available on-line:

  2. Here is an LWN.net article covering Maxime Ripard’s talk about supporting Allwinner SoCs: https://lwn.net/Articles/597916/

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