Free Electrons at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2011

The next Embedded Linux Conference Europe will take place from October 26th to October 28th in Prague, together with the first edition of LinuxCon Europe and just after the Kernel Summit, the GStreamer conference and the Real-time Linux workshop: it’s a really impressive concentration of interesting talks for embedded Linux developers. Linus Torvalds is already announced as a keynote speaker of the LinuxCon Europe.

ELCE 2011

As ELCE is a conference that embedded Linux developers simply can’t miss, the complete team of Free Electrons will be there: my colleague and Free Electrons founder Michael Opdenacker (Michael is part of the organization committee for this event), my engineer colleagues Grégory Clément and Maxime Ripard and myself, Thomas Petazzoni.

I will also have the chance to give two talks during this edition of ELCE:

  • Using Buildroot for real products. As Free Electrons has used and is using Buildroot for multiple customer projects, this talk will share our experience on how to configure and setup Buildroot properly to build embedded Linux systems and include in a clean and nice way all of the specificities of each product.
  • Using Qt for non-graphical applications. Qt is often seen only as a graphical library, but it is in fact much more than that. Based on the experience of a customer project, this presentation will detail all the nice features that Qt offers to build embedded applications.

We highly recommend this conference to European embedded Linux developers and hope to meet some of our readers there! We will be the guys behind the video cameras in the embedded rooms. It’s worth mentioning that ELCE attendees are also granted, for free, the right to access LinuxCon Europe talks.

About Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Free Electrons. He is a lead developer of Buildroot and also a contributor to the Linux kernel. More details...
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  1. Gilles says:

    Bonjour Thomas,

    on the website, the pdf file of your second presentation (Using Qt… – is a copy of your first presentation (Using buildroot…). Is it intentional?


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