Marvell publishes the datasheet of the Armada 370 processor

thumb-armada-xpOver the last two years, Free Electrons has contributed support for the Marvell Armada 370 and Marvell Armada XP processors to the mainline Linux kernel. These ARM processors are used mainly in Network Attached Storage devices but also in other devices such as printers. Until now the datasheet for these processors was only available for Marvell customers and partners under NDA, but last week, Marvell finally released the datasheet of the Armada 370 publicly, with no restriction, no registration, no NDA. The Armada 370 processor can already be found in several consumer grade products:

From now on, on the Marvell page (broken link removed) related to the Armada 3xx family, the Armada 370 Functional Specification (broken link removed) as well as the Armada 370 Hardware Specifications (broken link removed) can be found. While the Armada XP datasheet is not available at this time, it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of the peripherals are exactly the same between Armada 370 and Armada XP, so even Armada XP users will find useful information in this datasheet.

Free Electrons is happy to see that Marvell is making more and more progress towards mainlining their kernel support and opening their datasheets publicly. We strongly believe that the openness of these datasheets will allow hobbyists and developers to improve the support for Armada 370 in the open-source ecosystem, be it in the Linux kernel, in bootloaders like U-Boot or Barebox or even in other projects.

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Thomas Petazzoni is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Free Electrons. He is a lead developer of Buildroot and also a contributor to the Linux kernel. More details...
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2 Responses to Marvell publishes the datasheet of the Armada 370 processor

  1. Tim Krantz says:

    Has there been any update on the mirabox “unhandled prefetch abort” that was widely discussed in Sept of 2013, but then seemed to disappear?

    I have my mirabox running on 3.16-rc4 and still have this problem after only a few hours of running. I saw that some folks traded .config files last Sept and that *might* have solved or avoided the problem, but never saw a definitive solution.

    If there is a solution or a workaround I would love to try it!


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