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Managing flash storage with Linux

Note: this article was first written for the German edition of Linux Magazine, and was later posted in the English edition too. We negotiated the right to publish it on our blog after the print editions. Here is the original … Continue reading

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Creating and flashing UBI / UBIFS images

Embedded-oriented filesystems are a scattered world. Flash-optimized filesystems are less so. JFFS2 has been widely used but has several performance issues (mount time, especially, though CONFIG_SUMMARY and sumtool fixes that since 2.6.15). LogFS doesn’t seem to be actively maintained. The … Continue reading

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How to find the root device?

How to find which device corresponds to your root filesystem I recently found something I was looking for for quite a long time. If you use the mount command in Linux, you can see that the root device is not … Continue reading

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Update on flash filesystems

Reviewing new possibilities for flash filesystems – My slides at ELCE 2008 With the release of Linux 2.6.27, including the new UBIFS filesystem for MTD storage, embedded Linux system developers now have multiple choices for their flash storage devices. As … Continue reading

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