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The quest for Linux friendly embedded board makers

We used to keep a list of Linux friendly embedded board makers. When this page was created in the mid 2000s, this page was easy to maintain. Though more and more products were created with Linux, it was still difficult … Continue reading

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Free Electrons customer project on Kickstarter!

For about 6 months, we’ve been working with Crystalfontz America on an imx28-based board, targeted at the hackers and DIYers. We’ve been working on the BSP, adding support to Linux and in Buildroot for this board. Support in the mainline … Continue reading

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Embedded Linux training: switch to the IGEPv2 board

Since early 2009, our training sessions have been using the USB-A9263 board from Calao Systems as the hardware platform for the practical labs. However, this AT91-based platform was getting older, and we therefore started the process of switching our training … Continue reading

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Faster boot: starting Linux directly from AT91bootstrap

Reducing start-up time looks like one of the most discussed topics nowadays, for both embedded and desktop systems. Typically, the boot process consists of three steps: First-stage bootloader Second-stage bootloader Linux kernel The first-stage bootloader is often a tiny piece … Continue reading

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The Bifferboard: tiny, low power embedded x86 board

A nice, cheap and tiny x86 embedded board that runs Linux and just consumes 1W. It has all the basic connectivity you need in an embedded system. As you may already know, we maintain a list of attractive and Linux … Continue reading

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USB-Ethernet device for Linux

Useful device when you work with an embedded development board For our Embedded Linux training sessions, I was looking for a USB to Ethernet device. Since Linux supported devices are often difficult to find, I’m glad to share my investigations … Continue reading

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