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LZO kernel compression

As Michael stated in his review of the interesting features in Linux 2.6.30, new compression options have been recently added to the kernel. We therefore decided to have a look at those compression methods, from a compression ratio and decompression … Continue reading

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Linux 2.6.30 – New features for embedded systems

Interesting features in Linux 2.6.30 for embedded system developers Linux 2.6.30 has been released almost 1 month ago and it’s high time to write a little about it. Like every new kernel release, it contains interesting features for embedded system … Continue reading

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Compacts directories by replacing duplicate files by symbolic links clink is a simple Python script that replaces duplicate files in Unix filesystems by symbolic links. clink saves space. It works particularly well with automatically generated directory structures, such as compiling … Continue reading

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Demo: tiny qemu arm system with a DirectFB interface

A tiny embedded Linux system running on the qemu arm emulator, with a DirectFB interface, everything in 2.1 MB (including the kernel)! Overview This demo embedded Linux system has the following features: Very easy to run demo, just 1 file … Continue reading

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