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Support for Device Tree overlays in U-Boot and libfdt

We have been working for almost two years now on the C.H.I.P platform from Nextthing Co.. One of the characteristics of this platform is that it provides an expansion headers, which allows to connect expansion boards also called DIPs in … Continue reading

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Factory flashing with U-Boot and fastboot on Freescale i.MX6

Introduction For one of our customers building a product based on i.MX6 with a fairly low-volume, we had to design a mechanism to perform the factory flashing of each product. The goal is to be able to take a freshly … Continue reading

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Free Electrons contributes U-Boot support for SECO i.MX6 uQ7 board

Amongst the multiple customer projects we are currently working on that rely on i.MX6 based platforms, one of them is using the SECO i.MX6 µQ7 System on Module as its heart. Unfortunately, the SECO Linux BSP relies on old U-Boot … Continue reading

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