TimestampHow did the course meet your learning objectives?How was the duration of the course?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow useful was the lecture document?Comments and suggestionsWill you recommend this document to others?Comments and suggestionsIf you have Linux / Android project opportunities, will you use this document again in the future?Comments and suggestionsHow knowledgeable was the instructor?Comments and suggestionsDid instructor oral explanations add value to the lecture materials?CommentsHow much value did the instructor add to lecture materials?Suggestions and commentsWas the instructor helpful with practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow do you rate the training equipment (mainly computers)?Comments and suggestionsHow well was the course organized (program, registration, schedule...)?Comments and suggestionsHow much did you learn?Comments and suggestionsHow useful should this course be in your daily job?Comments and suggestionsWould you recommend this course to others?Comments and suggestionsOverall ratingComments and suggestionsFurther training needs?CommentsHow did the course meet your learning objectives?What part(s) of the course did you like most?CommentsWhat part(s) of the course did you like least?What reasons prompted you to choose Free Electrons?How did you first learn about Free Electrons?Interested in other types of embedded Linux / Android engineering services?Comments and expectationsComments and suggestionsHow do you rate training conditions (room size, equipment, environment)?How useful were the training labs?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow difficult were the training labs?Was enough time dedicated to practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow far do you come from?
11/5/2015 16:45:46345555533634TrainerFree Electrons chosen by my managementNot interested5333From less than 100 km / 60 miles
11/5/2015 16:53:232everything fine55555554735interest in own topicsAccess to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsFree Electrons chosen by my managementTechnology and architecture consulting5545From less than 100 km / 60 miles
11/5/2015 16:54:5335555The beaglebone board is a nice board for the labs and was very useful for the "real-life" experience with buildroot. 5We used our computer, so it was ok. The advise to use SSDs was very helpful.55We used buildroot at our company, but now we really understand its potential. Before the course we used it only to build the sysroot without realizing that we could use it to include our software in the process. 575Android and kernel development.5Integration and management of company applications within he buildroot process.

Debugging with buildroot and integration of created toolchains in Eclipse.
The technical internals of buildroot - quiet interesting but at the moment we plan only to use buildroot. Perhaps later we are able to give active support so this part was ok and should not be missing.TrainerCourse recommended by previous participantsNot interested5533From a foreign country
11/5/2015 16:58:054The training has a little high pace, which imho could be adjusted for the participants.5Also useful/usable without the training itselfq25Could answer all questions pretty accurately and fully.5Since he mostly wrote the training materials himself, he complemented pretty well with it. There was no big need for additional notes, since most important stuff is already contained in the slides.5Some noise outside, people murmuring in the back. Nothing the trainer could have prevented.5Our own equipment was definitely sufficient, and the hardware provided for the practical lab (beagleboard, wii nunchuck, ...) was prepared for all eventualities (ethernet -> usb adapter, usb hub, card reader, ...).2I have no insight into the organization, but the trainer was accidentally given a wrong time to start at the first day, and some of our participants arrived too late some days, which sucked.4I definitely learned a lot, but couldn't process it all since it was a little dry sometimes. I have no idea though how it could have been avoided.5We use buildroot systems quite regularly.745Flexibility and openness of the trainer. Some participants were trying to set up buildroots for custom hardware and he was quite a support.Availability for on-site sessions, Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Not applicable - My management made the decisionTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteMaybe later, when there is tangible demand ;)The open source materials rock, also on other topics. Also the publicly available talk recordings are pretty valuable to me. Keep it up! :)Spotted all problems which I couldn't figure out by myself.34Through the (subjective) high pace, at some few points it was mainly copying the materials, but most of the time there were still some realization-effects included.32From less than 100 km / 60 miles
11/5/2015 17:12:003Great presentation, great knowledge, great speaking, easy to follow.5Listen, see, reproduce ... and you got 90% of the stuff. Great!555Well, these have been provided by our company. So the instructor has to answer this ;)5Well, these, too, have been provided by our company. So the instructor has to answer this ;)545755Trainer, Earlier training sessionChoosen by colleagueLinux board support package development, Build environment supportMany thanks!5533From a foreign country
11/5/2015 17:17:39345444544635- The integration of own software packages into the existing buildroot system.
- Strategy to set up different targets for one buildroot solution.
- integration of legal info
- strategy to update the buildroot without configuring the own software packages.
The internal functionality of buildroot was not so important, because as a software developer in a company I want to use buildroot and customize it on a higher level.Trainer, Not applicable - My management made the decisionPresentations in conferencesBuild environment support, Not interested4423From less than 100 km / 60 miles
11/5/2015 17:27:485Two days would have been enough.3The Lab Book is often too vague with the instructions and the expected results. What is the approximate output of a command if I did everything correctly?

The number of re-flashings could be lower.

BR2_EXTERNAL should be introduced in the beginning, not in the end.

The trainer could have provided correct solutions for reference.
543The room is too small, but that is not your fault.53I would have preferred a written schedule with lecture and labs times.536The grey-on-white text on this form is hard to read.
35Not applicable - My management made the decisionPresentations in conferencesNot interestedThe sections in the Lab Book should be numbered and the instructor should state very clearly which section(s) we should work on and how much time we have for that. He should show the correct solution for each section or ask a participant to show theirs to the others.44Good, but could be improved (see above).Often you have to guess or Google small things. The Lab Book should be more explicit with details.
Example: When we need to reference a Github site, there should be a reminder for the syntax ($(call github,name,project,ref)).
53From a foreign country