TimestampHow did the course meet your learning objectives?How was the duration of the course?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow useful was the lecture document?Comments and suggestionsWill you recommend this document to others?Comments and suggestionsIf you have Linux / Android project opportunities, will you use this document again in the future?Comments and suggestionsHow knowledgeable was the instructor?Comments and suggestionsDid instructor oral explanations add value to the lecture materials?CommentsHow much value did the instructor add to lecture materials?Suggestions and commentsWas the instructor helpful with practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow do you rate the training equipment (mainly computers)?Comments and suggestionsHow well was the course organized (program, registration, schedule...)?Comments and suggestionsHow much did you learn?Comments and suggestionsHow useful should this course be in your daily job?Comments and suggestionsWould you recommend this course to others?Comments and suggestionsOverall ratingComments and suggestionsFurther training needs?CommentsHow did the course meet your learning objectives?What part(s) of the course did you like most?CommentsWhat part(s) of the course did you like least?What reasons prompted you to choose Free Electrons?How did you first learn about Free Electrons?Interested in other types of embedded Linux / Android engineering services?Comments and expectationsComments and suggestionsHow do you rate training conditions (room size, equipment, environment)?How useful were the training labs?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow difficult were the training labs?Was enough time dedicated to practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow far do you come from?
12/11/2015 15:42:58354355543534Nunchuk driver in the beginning. Felt proud of my own first driver and then we never used it again. Maybe offer a means to keep on using it? i.e. connect it up to tuxracer.Language, Geographical distance - never been to southern FranceInternet search enginesNot interested5533From a foreign country
12/11/2015 15:47:01344343Several Beagle Boards had dodgy serial ports554Would like some material on how to exhaustively test / validate drivers. 634Good labs - both useful and interesting
Excellent lunches, nice town.
When there wasn't quite enough time to fully complete labs.Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Major contributors to kernel itselfTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteBoot time reduction4532From a foreign country
12/11/2015 15:48:393Course was a little too focused on the embedded side of the kernel as opposed to the core kernel, such as networking, DMA, memory etc.443Slides covered quickly. 35533523Labs and lectures equalOpen training materials that can be checked in advanceInternet search enginesRoot filesystem development, Bug fixing, Technology and architecture consulting53Labs were useful, but again too focused on the embedded side.Hardest part was understanding device trees. If you are new to DT you will struggle with this35From a foreign country
12/11/2015 15:50:29355555554655previous participant recommend me the trainingCourse recommended by previous participantsBoot time reduction, Power management, Development of real-time systems5432From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
12/11/2015 15:53:473a week is definitely a fine durationyes !!5very clear concepts have been explained4seems a skilled guy :) 444give 4 but i used mine , looked good btw.554I guess it will help a lot writing my next driver least I hope :)745training labs and spare time with other guys!nothing ! I'll do it again.. now!Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteDevelopment of real-time systemsThanks for this week ... really really awesome!Yes always available and kind :)35the best part of the training... you have to do them to understand the theory! 5 stars!not so easy not so difficult.... but sometimes you can fall in some unexpected issue !44From a foreign country
12/11/2015 15:55:363Could do with more on Device Tree syntax and deeper explanation of how it works. I have used it before and it takes me a little time to become familiar with it again.4Good to see lecturer updating presentation when mistakes or updates were noted.5The reason I chose a Free Electrons course is because Free Electrons actually work on the kernel and have a reputation for good engineering. 55Room a little warm and stuffy at times as no air-con.55Both Micheal and the venue staff made everything simple and easy.45644Trainercolleague suggestionBuild environment support, Root filesystem development35A remote debugging example would be nice rather than using output from a serial port.33From a foreign country
12/11/2015 15:58:543Je pense qu'il serait plus profitable de présenter le Kernel dans son ensemble, en détaillant ensuite les principes de base: Memory management, threads, ISR, Register access ...... Ecriture d'un device driver ... Méthodologie de génération (Make)
Et ensuite d'aborder les fonctions avancées: Device Tree ....

L'idée, c'est d'avoir les bases avant de voir les "Mickeys" :-)

4544Some Wifi PB5444544Open training materials that can be checked in advance, External recommendationsInternet search enginesLinux board support package development, Development of real-time systems, Build environment support3335From less than 100 km / 60 miles
12/11/2015 16:17:433I definitely learned a lot of new stuff and what is really important is that you use this knowledge right away at the lab.545Michael is very helpful and has a lot of experience in the field. If he doesn't know the answer for your question, he tries his best to find it and will always return to you with the solution.545446Maybe the nunchuk lab can be extended a bit, so the final result would be more practical and fun. For example, input received from nunchuk would be transferred to host pc via network and used as a regular mouse input, thus allowing to control pc by the nunchuk.44Practical labsTrainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Language, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only), Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessions, CostInternet search enginesNot interested55I would say that the labs are the main value of this course. You can always find the theory online, but have your hands on it is priceless.43From a foreign country
12/11/2015 16:50:50345445542533Basic device and driver model, debugging, gitTrainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only)Course recommended by previous participantsNot interested5542From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country