TimestampHow did the course meet your learning objectives?How was the duration of the course?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow useful was the lecture document?Comments and suggestionsWill you recommend this document to others?Comments and suggestionsIf you have Linux / Android project opportunities, will you use this document again in the future?Comments and suggestionsHow knowledgeable was the instructor?Comments and suggestionsDid instructor oral explanations add value to the lecture materials?CommentsHow much value did the instructor add to lecture materials?Suggestions and commentsWas the instructor helpful with practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow do you rate the training equipment (mainly computers)?Comments and suggestionsHow well was the course organized (program, registration, schedule...)?Comments and suggestionsHow much did you learn?Comments and suggestionsHow useful should this course be in your daily job?Comments and suggestionsWould you recommend this course to others?Comments and suggestionsOverall ratingComments and suggestionsFurther training needs?CommentsHow did the course meet your learning objectives?What part(s) of the course did you like most?CommentsWhat part(s) of the course did you like least?What reasons prompted you to choose Free Electrons?How did you first learn about Free Electrons?Interested in other types of embedded Linux / Android engineering services?Comments and expectationsComments and suggestionsHow do you rate training conditions (room size, equipment, environment)?How useful were the training labs?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow difficult were the training labs?Was enough time dedicated to practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow far do you come from?
5/27/2016 15:07:24355555453755Open training materials that can be checked in advance, LanguageTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteLinux board support package development5533From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:08:40355555554Flash component and lab isn't going to be useful for majority of people. I'd love to do advanced RTOS lab instead.75System optimisation5U-BootubifsTrainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Language, Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteBoot time reduction, Development of real-time systems, Technology and architecture consulting5433From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:11:273may be more convenient in 7 days.5555554464may be kernel drivers development.5Availability for on-site sessions, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceInternet search enginesDevelopment of real-time systems, Technical support4544From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:14:04255555554754Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteDevelopment of real-time systems, Root filesystem development5543From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:14:423Quite interesting and useful course, sometimes I feel that some topics were remaining of more practice because of the time or other problems. But in general the Labs and Lecture time was good distributed.454554We stay in the hotel for all the week and they told that the first day we could to be at 8.00am at the hall. But nobody arrived until almost 9.00am. Maybe a better communication with the hotel would be nice, but it is not a big problem.54644Some colleagues make a course with them in the past and they recommended to usCourse recommended by previous participantsLinux board support package development, Development of real-time systems5433From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:14:462Maybe there wasn't enough time to accomplish all the slides and labs.Fits the objectives presented in the course. Very interesting and motivating. I leave the course motivated to work in more embedded projects using linux. Very nice training!55555455I work in Linux embedded systems so very useful. 75If I could, all.

Linux kernel and driver development training
Android system development training
Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development training
Buildroot development training
5Kernel compilation, different ways to boot up, Real time, environment build tools.Geographical proximity (public sessions only), Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Language, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only), Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsCourse recommended by previous participantsLinux board support package development, Boot time reduction, Power management, Development of real-time systems, Build environment support, Root filesystem development, Technical support55A few were difficult but very useful. (Flash lab)44Maybe more time in labs will be better to understand the theoretical part.From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:15:434To my opinion, I think they are too many slides. Perhaps reduce the number of slides, and concentrate more on lab exercices. Some chapters are less interesting (like Xenomai)3Some slides are definitely too long, too much text.5very helpful to debug my poor work ;)455545644Uboot, UBINFSTrainerCourse recommended by previous participantsTechnical support5542From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
5/27/2016 15:16:01345555443644Open training materials that can be checked in advanceInternet search enginesLinux board support package development, Technical support4433From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:21:153One week is perfect to get a decent exposure55555553It's really related too which direction our company will go in the future.755graphical frontend / multimedia support by linuxFile partitioningThere are not a lot of other optionsInternet search enginesBuild environment supportThe NAND lab is quite a struggle though.55It truly helps to understand the slides.You should have at least some background in Linux to be productive, it's not for someone who comes from a different OS (but luckily this is advertised very well when you subscribe for the course)42I found I spend too much time in the NAND lab while time in other labs would be better spend for my purpose.From a foreign country
5/27/2016 15:29:542Perhaps, too many contents for 5 days, so many slides to show, even if all important, but the time for labs, in which you really understand thinks, is constrained. Six days training? Could be a solution.Even if not involved into current embedded linux customization for specific boards, this was a great opportunity to have a good overview to the whole picture.4Good material545Perfect5Perfect5Perfect5New topics, for me. Very great addition to my knowledge.463Yocto and Open Embedded5Labs, on block devices and busyboxFinal part, RT Linux needs a separate training session. But I agree to have a fast overview on it in this training.Not applicable - My management made the decisionFree Electrons chosen by my managementLinux board support package development, Build environment support, Technical supportHis practice on the topics is out of doubt.55The most important part of the training. Try to extend the time available for them.Difficulty level is ok, because in case of stuck situation, you need to elaborate what you have listened and finally you can ask to the instructor.
Perhaps, during labs a second instructor can help to speed up execution.
42try to extend time dedicatedFrom a foreign country