TimestampHow did the course meet your learning objectives?How was the duration of the course?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow useful was the lecture document?Comments and suggestionsWill you recommend this document to others?Comments and suggestionsIf you have Linux / Android project opportunities, will you use this document again in the future?Comments and suggestionsHow knowledgeable was the instructor?Comments and suggestionsDid instructor oral explanations add value to the lecture materials?CommentsHow much value did the instructor add to lecture materials?Suggestions and commentsWas the instructor helpful with practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow do you rate the training equipment (mainly computers)?Comments and suggestionsHow well was the course organized (program, registration, schedule...)?Comments and suggestionsHow much did you learn?Comments and suggestionsHow useful should this course be in your daily job?Comments and suggestionsWould you recommend this course to others?Comments and suggestionsOverall ratingComments and suggestionsFurther training needs?CommentsHow did the course meet your learning objectives?What part(s) of the course did you like most?CommentsWhat part(s) of the course did you like least?What reasons prompted you to choose Free Electrons?How did you first learn about Free Electrons?Interested in other types of embedded Linux / Android engineering services?Comments and expectationsComments and suggestionsHow do you rate training conditions (room size, equipment, environment)?How useful were the training labs?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow difficult were the training labs?Was enough time dedicated to practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow far do you come from?
6/17/2016 15:25:283555May be a Q&A and tips give during training would be in report in a dedicated web page classified by trainaing date(for found it easily later).5a minus point for air conditionning4544735Konwn for the quality of trainingInternet search enginesLinux board support package development, Technology and architecture consulting, On-site engineering5533From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/17/2016 15:48:08355555545735Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteNot interested5533From less than 100 km / 60 miles
6/17/2016 15:51:03545445555655TrainerFree Electrons chosen by my managementDevelopment of real-time systems5432From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/17/2016 15:54:07345555554645To understanding some organization concepts about booting, soc dts and applying them on a real board. Learn how to browse the code. Search useful configuration information and examples.Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Language, Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteLinux board support package development, Boot time reduction, Power management, Development of real-time systems, Build environment support5533From a foreign country
6/17/2016 15:54:5855555too hot - ac not working.5555755Geographical proximity (public sessions only), Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only)Course recommended by previous participantsLinux board support package development, Power management, Root filesystem development3533From a foreign country
6/17/2016 15:57:2434To make things even clearer, I'd suggest to add number to titles.
Like instead of "Linux Code and Device Driver" use "2. Linux Code and Device Driver", '2.1 programming language" etc ...

That would be more convenient, especially when reading back the slides when searching for a previously seen information.
55He takes time to explain. Very easy going ! 55555755Uart driver lab ! Company popularitycolleguesDevelopment of real-time systemsSee upper. 45Covers, in my opinions all the basics to have a good start ! 33From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/17/2016 16:02:003Just about right.It was excellent, pitched at just the right level. Using the real hardware devices such as Nunchuk really helps you feel like you are properly exercising what you are learning.4Quite useful during the course. I think they will be even more useful going forward when writing my own drivers without the lab help.4Very knowledgeable. Also very frank about when he didn't know things that were asked. He was quickly able to get the answers so was also knowledgeable in the use of various online and offline resources.4I was able to supplement the lecture notes with lots of extra little tips Michael provided as he explained the slides.5The room was a good size but the air conditioning was terrible so as the day went on the room became uncomfortably hot and made me quite sleepy.4Computers were fine.555651. Android development
2. Individual frameworks e.g. usb
3. Build environments
4. Root file systems
5Learning how to properly organise your repos and build tools and build in and out of tree etc. Also, finding out about the various tools that can be used to ensure your code is compliant etc.Nothing springs to mind.Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Language, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only), Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsCourse recommended by previous participantsBuild environment support, Root filesystem developmentFriendly, helpful and sorted issues in a very short time and with a minimum of fuss.25Very useful. It really helps to cement the ideas and APIs presented by using them immediately with real hardware.Interesting and challenging enough to feel like you were learning rather than just copy/pasting. It is good that not all details were given immediately and that you had to think about some things and implement things yourself.33Yes. The balance was about right.From a foreign country
6/18/2016 10:41:333Although I had an understanding of some concepts already, the course helped me to get a big picture.45Examples from personal experience were really nice to hear.4Things were explained well enough and questions answered. But I don't think you should read from the presentation all the time.5Room size and equipment were fine. The room lacked air-con (or didn't work properly). 4The CPU on the laptop was quite fast, but with SDD the performance would have been better.545735Geographical proximity (public sessions only), Trainer, LanguageCourse recommended by previous participantsNot interested4533From a foreign country