TimestampHow did the course meet your learning objectives?How was the duration of the course?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow useful was the lecture document?Comments and suggestionsWill you recommend this document to others?Comments and suggestionsIf you have Linux / Android project opportunities, will you use this document again in the future?Comments and suggestionsHow knowledgeable was the instructor?Comments and suggestionsDid instructor oral explanations add value to the lecture materials?CommentsHow much value did the instructor add to lecture materials?Suggestions and commentsWas the instructor helpful with practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow do you rate the training equipment (mainly computers)?Comments and suggestionsHow well was the course organized (program, registration, schedule...)?Comments and suggestionsHow much did you learn?Comments and suggestionsHow useful should this course be in your daily job?Comments and suggestionsWould you recommend this course to others?Comments and suggestionsOverall ratingComments and suggestionsFurther training needs?CommentsHow did the course meet your learning objectives?What part(s) of the course did you like most?CommentsWhat part(s) of the course did you like least?What reasons prompted you to choose Free Electrons?How did you first learn about Free Electrons?Interested in other types of embedded Linux engineering services?Comments and expectationsComments and suggestionsHow do you rate training conditions (room size, equipment, environment)?How useful were the training labs?Comments and suggestionsComments and suggestionsHow difficult were the training labs?Was enough time dedicated to practical labs?Comments and suggestionsHow far do you come from?
6/16/2017 14:15:44355555555755Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsInternet search enginesTechnical support, Technology and architecture consulting5533From a foreign country
6/16/2017 14:18:173Good !I'd like to dive deeper in the "device tree" aspect.
Maybe have a dedicated lab on it ?
5555Have a less noisy video projector :-/54Missing 5 graduation because the first schedule was canceled.45754Device tree.
Having the target run without buildroot
NoneGeographical proximity (public sessions only), Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Hardware giveaway (public sessions only), ReputationCourse recommended by previous participantsNot interested45Labs were difficult (UBI part), but the subject is difficult too ! ;-)43From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/16/2017 14:25:1344545The room was well equipped except for the AC , from time to time the room was hot5444634- Filesystem
- Kernel
- Pratical labs
Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advance, Access to full feedback from participants to previous sessionsCourse recommended by previous participantsTechnical support, Technology and architecture consultingIt could be usefull to provide lab exercise solution notes.
I was not able to complete all the lab exercise during the class, I will continue on my own but I afraid to not be able to find the solution to some lab by myself as it occurs during the course.
Without the help of the lecture it would have not been possible
3533From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/16/2017 14:27:1735Though I'd have found it useful for some command to have the references at han5555554If my hierarchy gives me the mean I could be even 565When I reach a sufficient level, I'd be interested in learning how to write drivers. 4UBIFS labs, U-Boot.LicensingQTGeographical proximity (public sessions only), Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteTechnology and architecture consulting3533A pity that I couldnt stay longer on the evenings.From less than 100 km / 60 miles
6/16/2017 14:30:113Nice to understand the under laying of boot tweak, kernel and Linux 3Lecture was nice even if there was a lot of concept to understand. The document is well constructed54There was enough added value to understand the lecture. Also, showing examples from his own computer was nice anded add some interactivity5555New things and some refreshment 4It will give me a better understanding of what I'm doing every day. Also I hope I'll use quickly some tools learned in the labs.655U-boot & Kernel compiling, understanding of boot start session.
Software compiling
none Geographical proximity (public sessions only), Open training materials that can be checked in advance, contributions implie inInternet search enginesLinux board support package development, Power management, Build environment support55The conception of the training is well made. During labs we have to dig in between lectures and lab practical infos. This is a nice way to remember thingsFrom the easiest to the hardest :)42I found we had just enough time to cover practical labs. It was fine, but this was not giving a lot of time to dig in some specifics particularity of the lab.From less than 100 km / 60 miles
6/16/2017 14:30:22355555555building linux kernel is not my job but as a hardware developper working on Zynq(FPGA) it will be very helpfull 75more specific labs about driver or realtime 4the first and last labsthe flash file systems labs which is not usefull to meOpen training materials that can be checked in advanceTechnical resources on the Free Electrons websiteLinux board support package development35because i'm just starting as a linux developper it was a bit difficult to me43From more than 100 km / 60 miles, same country
6/16/2017 14:33:252A bit too much to cover in this short of time.555The instructor made the course worth while. The materials in the course are freely available, but the proper application of these topics is what the instructor added. Very nice.5Room was always too hot, almost uncomfortable. It could be due to abnormally hot weather.

Provided systems were completely adequate.
Internet access for labs was adequate.
Workspace was adequate.
5Good enough for the tasks required.5Course and schedule was well organized with a loose structure allowing flexibility to fit the requirements of the individuals.
Registration was easy too.
4I came prepared with reviewing the slides and completing the labs (partially) at home prior, which really helped in understanding the concepts and their specific application as presented during the lectures. Recommending this type of approach to others would improve the ease of digest.5755The practical application of the theory, allowing immediate feedback.The room it was hosted in. Too hot.Trainer, Open training materials that can be checked in advanceInternet search enginesBoot time reduction, Development of real-time systems, On-site engineeringOn-site contract work on specific projects.44The labs were good in the beginning, but felt too squished in the end having too much to do in not enough time. However, since the hardware and materials can be brought back home, it seems to make up for it.They seem to strike the perfect balance between hand holding and lack of details, just enough to encourage problem solving skills.32Its hard for some to digest the sheer volume of information in order to make best use of the time for the labs.From a foreign country
6/16/2017 14:35:44245545433534Geographical proximity (public sessions only)Course recommended by previous participantsNot interested52For and electronics engineer with few experience in Linux, the labs were quite difficult. The first 4 labs were feasible but after the instructions started to be poor. To add more details, pictures, etc, could be very helpful. To provide full instructions at the end of the training could also help if we want to complete the labs that were not done at home, or use them as reference for the future.54From a foreign country