Antoine Ténart

Antoine Ténart

Antoine started his professional experience with Embedded Linux and Android in 2011. Before joining Free Electrons in 2014, he started with low level Android system development at Archos (France), and worked on Embedded Linux and Android projects at Adeneo Embedded (France).

Android experience

At Archos, Antoine was responsible for integrating mid and low-level multimedia layers, compositing and HDMI support in Android, on products using OMAP3 and OMAP4 processors from Texas Instruments. He also had to solve issues related to memory management. Antoine went on doing Android system development at Adeneo Embedded.

Kernel experience

Antoine is currently one of the most active contributors to support for Berlin processors from Marvell in the mainline Linux kernel. See all his contributions to the mainline Linux kernel.

Antoine also has experience in U-Boot development, to support the TI816X evm board. His U-Boot patches have been accepted in mainline.

Embedded Linux experience

Antoine has also worked on various embedded Linux projects. In particular, he was involved in a fast boot project on the TI OMAP5 Pandaboard.

Antoine also has extensive experience in many aspects of using the Linux operating system and developing with it. He also has a specialization in networking.

Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded experience

Antoine has experience using the Yocto Project in an industrial project. He has used the Yocto Project to develop and generate a full embedded system (bootloader, kernel and root file system) and knows how to interact with it and how to modify its various components.

Antoine is the main author of our Yocto Project / Open Embedded training materials.

International experience

Last but not least, Antoine is passionate about traveling and discovering different cultures. In particular, he spent several months in Estonia and about 6 months studying in South Korea.

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