Videos from FOSDEM 2010

Peter Korsgaard presenting Buildroot in the Cross build systems workshop at FOSDEM 2010

Like every year, the Free and Open Source Developer European Meeting took place early February in Brussels, and Thomas Petazzoni, from Free Electrons, attended and recorded a few talks from the embedded session. However, contrary to previous years, I haven’t been able to record all talks from the embedded session, since I attended talks from other sessions which were already being recorded by others.

Gian-Carlo Pascutto presenting Embedded software development best practices at FOSDEM 2010

We also attended talks from the and Coreboot developer roooms : videos for the developer room can be found at and videos for the Coreboot developer room can be found at

About Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Free Electrons. He is a lead developer of Buildroot and also a contributor to the Linux kernel. More details...
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2 Responses to Videos from FOSDEM 2010

  1. Zombie says:

    The “Embedded software development best practices” talk was given by Gian-Carlo Pascutto, not Adrien Ampelas. It is also Gian-Carlo in the picture.

  2. Thanks, I’ve fixed it in the blog post and mentioned that the video is incorrect.

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